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About me

As a certified facilitator of the LEGO® Serious Play® method, I specialize in leading interactive workshops that go beyond the modern understanding of "playing with bricks". My sessions (conducted in both English and Polish) are carefully designed to fully engage participants, requiring their commitment and focus, which translates into significant benefits for their organizations.

In my workshops, I focus on the active participation of each individual, enabling them to have a significant impact on the outcomes. I break away from conventional training methods such as presentations and discussions, in favor of more interactive and productive sessions.

My approach is always focused on achieving specific goals, resulting in clearly formulated conclusions that the team can implement after the workshop ends.

One of the key elements of my workshops is enabling participants to have open and free discussions on difficult topics, using LEGO models to visualize problems and solutions that might be hard to express in words. This helps in identifying and deeply understanding the real issues within a company, thanks to the use of metaphors and taking into account different viewpoints.

My work as an LSP facilitator also focuses on building better relationships within the team, improving communication, and collaboration. Through building models together, workshop participants can better understand each other, express their own ideas, and work together on solutions.

I employ the LEGO Serious Play method to accelerate the decision-making process, enhance work efficiency, competitiveness, and business profitability. I promote innovation, creativity, and unconventional approaches to problem-solving, making my workshops not only effective but also inspiring and memorable.

Considering that the LSP method is relatively new in Poland, my LEGO brick-based workshops offer a fresh and attractive approach to training, which will surely be appreciated by your team.

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