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Traveler- a strange creature

Think about it, any normal person when he earns a few extra silvers at his job goes to Ikea to buy a new sofa, or invests in a great model of a sleek smartphone. You know something tangible, something that will stay for a long time. The traveler, on the other hand, is a very strange being. This individual first unfolds his already-used-up map of the world, or takes a big globe in his hand, spins it, stopping his finger at a random place. He rejoices(no one knows why) when he buys a ticket and sets off on a journey.

Further? More difficult? Weirder? All the better! You know, if he still wanted to travel in normal conditions. A bed, a shower, drinks with palm trees, maybe some sauna or a swimming pool. None of that!

The basic attribute of our individual is coffee, or yerba mate.

Why? Caffeine is ideal for keeping him "awake." He must have a lot of stamina by staying up nights arranging more and more hunts in the ticket jungle. Planning the route. Tracking prices and schedules. Picking up all sorts of tips and advice.

Prints information. He dusts off maps. He takes a notebook with addresses. He looks up basic phrases that would be completely useless in the normal world. Isn't it easier to knock on a travel agency? Faster. No hassle. All the fuss. A nice gentleman will explain. He will recommend. Still will give a discount! Rach-ciach, a few minutes and you're good to go - open bar, pool, lying on the beach!

Charming nights on the airport floor. Hundreds of connecting flights. Dozens of hours on disjointed buses and always-late trains.

Or maybe even hitchhiking. Chatting in the bushes. Running along the highway looking for the best cove. Getting soaked in a tent. And for dessert some locals? They'll invite you for wine, buy you dinner, show you the shorter way. Is it worth trusting?

So helpful- they probably have some business! After all, you can get on one plane. At ease. Without nerves. The office will even provide pick-up from the airport. Worship full!

He takes his backpack. He haggles it with him for kilometers so much! After all, it is tiring! And how inconvenient! Things get swept up there, in general somehow unprofessional like that! Why does not he pack in a suitcase? Wheels it has. It is easy to transport. Everything, in the best possible order is arranged! And this backpack is stuffed unheard of, because they want to take few things, because it and cheaper flights are looking for. But how is it on vacation only in 4 shirts, and two pairs of pants to show up?

Later they will put pictures on Facebook. How is it that in the same clothes, in every photo they appear! It's not appropriate! And still wash it and hang it anywhere. Nonsense!

And where to sleep it? "Everywhere!" He answers! At best, a hostel cheap, but also multi-bedded, a dozen people inside preferably! Besides, the best places are bushes, parks. He saves on accommodation by taking night buses. Tents- on colder days without heating, on warmer days without air conditioning. Coachsurfing- seeks out strangers, locals preferably, and sleeps with them on a couch, on a carrimat, or wherever they point him.

Awareness is not about these people evil, with foul intentions. After all, they can rob. Poison. Insult them. And why bother in such cages?

Often without electricity, the Internet and the latest news from the politics of the noble world exists. Is this why we carried out revolutions, created social networks, so that now such a creature resists and towards the caves?

Drunk with travel begins to be. He hooks up. He's chatting away. The smile doesn't leave his face. It's as if he was on some kind of powder. He wants to get to know the culture. And to have dinner with the locals. Visit an interesting district.

They meet while stopping at a gas station or at an exit. They shake hands. They hug each other. They exchange experiences. Without a shadow of suspicion. Without a doubt. They unfold the maps. They eat together. And in extreme cases, they even take a trip together! An unprecedented lack of imagination!

He eats things that are strange, sorts-different. Often having a taste for the first time in his mouth. Isn't it better to have some kind of Macdonald's, KFC, or kebabs to eat? After all, it's known and liked. Everywhere similar in measure. Safe, above all! And not to wander around the bazaars! On the streets to try dishes!

He doesn't flock to newspapers while traveling. Enlightened people, and a total lack of interest in events! Ignorant people!

An individual of ours returns home. He crosses the threshold with a sneaker destroyed from traversing all those kilometers. Dirty. Soaked. Hair in disarray. Skin tough. Beard mangled. A lengthy haircut. And what a smile and a tan. And what is he so happy about. Is he so beaming? Is he still drunk, that he talks so passionately about the trip? He must have taken some kind of peculiarities, because he is enchanted, enchanted by foreign cultures. The people he met. Strung out from talking. And isn't it better to search the Internet for videos? Relationships? Photos? With a beer in hand and a pork chop on a plate to traverse all these territories?

Well, say it yourself-isn't a traveler a strange creature?


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