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LEGO® Serious Play® Training Structure

Introduction to the methodology. We start with an introduction to the LEGO® Serious Play® method and setting the rules for working with the sets of bricks.

Introductory exercises. We begin by building simple models that aim to familiarize participants with the material and the use of metaphors in building.

Main part of the workshop. We construct a series of models (individually or in groups, depending on the workshop goals), which serve as a tool for exploring the posed questions.

Each participant presents their model and shares its interpretation, which is then the subject of group discussion. During this phase, I pose a series of questions that help deepen understanding and refine solutions.

Summary. Each workshop ends with a summary, where we define the main conclusions and establish an action plan for the team, often ending with a list of specific tasks. The program of each workshop is individually tailored to the needs of the participant group.

Practical information about LEGO Serious Play workshops

  1. Workshops are organized for groups of 3 to 12 people and can involve both people who know each other (e.g., work teams) and those who have not met before.

  2. The minimum duration of the workshop is 4 hours, but due to the tendency for discussions to extend, I recommend reserving the whole day to achieve the best results. Due to the intensity of the workshops, breaks are planned.

  3. Workshops are conducted exclusively in person – at the client's office or another location chosen by the organizer.

  4. Workshops can be conducted in Polish, English, or Russian.

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